.       Elissa Gropen, M.D.

Dr. Elissa Gropen is a board certified dermatologist who specializes in diseases of the skin and skin cancer.  Dr. Gropen has been practicing dermatology in Riverside, California for nearly 25 years.  Her father, Dr. Joseph Gropen was a very well known dermatologist in Riverside and it is he who inspired her to carry on his legacy.  Today, Dr. Elissa Gropen is very well known in the community not only because she is still seeing many of her late father's patients, but also because she is one of the few female solo practitioners in the area.

Dr. Gropen holds certification from the American Board of Dermatology. She is also a member of professional organizations including the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Medical Association, the California Medical Association, and the Pacific Dermatologic Association.

For her undergraduate degree, Dr. Gropen attended Pomona College and received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. She pursued her medical degree at the University of Southern California, School of Medicine. Dr. Gropen continued her medical education at the Los Angeles County & University of Southern California Medical Center. Here, she completed an internship program in internal medicine and received her dermatology residency training.



·      Buffi Quilon (Head Nurse):

Buffi Quilon, LVN, has been part of the Elissa Gropen M.D. family for nearly 10 years.  After graduating at the top of her class and passing the LVN state exam in 2003, she worked in the hospital field for two years.  In April 2005, Dr. Gropen was more than delighted to take her on board.  Mrs. Quilon has a diligent work ethic as her academic success indicates.  However, her desire to get things done effectively and timely does not take away from the care she provides patients.  She takes her time with patients and goes above and beyond for them, ensuring each and every patient leaves satisfied.  She has an unwitting knack for cosmetic skin care and is skilled in microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and facial treatments.  Buffi is also our certified CLIA and OSHA specialist and is responsible for all the protocols and procedures done at EGMD.  Elissa Gropen M.D. is proud to have an individual like Mrs. Quilon to head the nursing staff.





·      Lisa O’Brien (Practice Administrator):

Lisa O’Brien, Practice Administrator has been with Elissa Gropen M.D. for 15 years.  After years of running her and her husband’s own business she decided to revisit the world of Dermatology practice management. In August 2000 she interviewed with the late Joseph Gropen M.D., Dr. Elissa Gropen’s father and mentor.  Since then she has been tasked with running every day operations and ensuring the overall success of Elissa Gropen M.D.  Mrs. O’Brien prides herself in creating an environment for patients and employees that is welcoming and relaxed.  As a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders, the American Dermatology Association of Managers and Administrators, and the Medical Group Managers Association, Mrs. O’Brien is more than qualified to ensure billing and coding satisfaction for patients of Elissa Gropen M.D.  despite the common changes in the medical field nowadays.





·      Jamie O’Brien (Account Manager & Communications Specialist):

Jamie O’Brien graduated with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies in December 2013 from California Baptist University.  Currently she is working on her Master of Arts degree in Public Relations at California Baptist University.  At Elissa Gropen M.D. she works to ensure overall patient satisfaction.  Ms. O’Brien utilizes her knowledge in the field to provide solid and clear communication between staff, providers, and patients.